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In order to make the most out of our relationships with clients, the Fahy-Williams sales team customizes a contract for you, only after carefully listening to your unique business story. We do not take for granted that your advertising needs remain the same each month of the year. Nor do we assume that your business is exactly like every one else’s in your particular industry.

There is no better investment in year-round branding than taking advantage of our print plus digital options, with significant discounts when the two options are paired. We also have a monthly auto-pay program that makes the whole package super affordable and easy to budget.

Our top-shelf customer care includes a secure Client Center, which allows our clients full access to their account anytime, from anywhere in the world. Through the Client Center, our customers can digitally sign a contract, view and pay invoices, and upload and review artwork, and several other tasks.

Tim Braden
Vice President
(315) 789-0458

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Ashley Cavanagh
Ad Sales Representative
(315) 789-0473

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Art Materials Retailer
NAMTA - Art Materials World Show
Life in the Finger Lakes


Darlene Ryan
Ad Sales Representative
(315) 789-2475

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Life in the Finger Lakes
Educational Dealer
EdSpaces/EdMarket Association

Todd Crayton
Ad Sales Representative
(315) 789-6431

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ASTRA Toy Times Magazine
ASTRA Membership Directory



Rick Kauder
Director Online Advertising
(315) 789-0458



Amy Colburn
Marketing Director
(315) 789-0458

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