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Published five times a year for the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association

Our history

Fahy-Williams Publishing was formed in 1984 by school supply industry veterans Kevin Fahy and Tom Williams when they purchased Educational Dealer magazine. Launched by Peter Li in 1976 as the original trade publication of the school supply industry, Ed Dealer was later sold to Pitman Publishing and finally to Fahy-Williams.

When the specialty toy market emerged in the early 1990s, the company responded by creating a new trade magazine called edplay. An immediate hit, edplay is devoted to specialty retailers who sell toys, gifts and games. While plenty of toy trade publications have come and gone, there continues to be a dearth among magazines specifically geared to the specialty market, a niche that edplay fills.

In 1998, the National Art Materials Trade Association asked Fahy-Williams to take on the publication of its industry magazine, Art Materials Today. Fahy-Williams agreed, but declined subsidies from NAMTA, as the company wanted the trade magazine to be independent of any association. The name of the publication was changed to Art Materials Retailer and it has continued to grow despite various economic challenges within the industry.

In 2002, Fahy-Williams was awarded the contract to publish the newsletter of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA), as well as Life in the Finger Lakes, a regional consumer magazine.

The company’s ability to handle diverse product niches has led most recently to contracts for two other magazines. My Safety, the brainchild of worker safety advocate Eric Giguere, addresses the need for workplace safety across the U.S., whether it’s a power plant in El Paso or a factory in Upstate New York. Craft Industry Today mails quarterly to members of the Craft & Hobby Association, the largest craft industry group in the world.

What makes us different

Fahy-Williams has aimed to create publications that stand out from the competition by adhering to several basic principles, principles that remain unchanged regardless of the state of the economy. Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from the competition, and it remains something that our readers and advertisers have come to trust and rely upon.

Our opinions

Publishers of trade magazines are often hesitant to express real opinions because they fear offending either their readers or their advertisers. Rather than turn a blind eye to issues affecting its industries, Fahy-Williams Publishing does not shy away from expressing the opinions both of its staff and others on controversial subject matters.

Our ad ratio

At the time Fahy-Williams began, the ratio of advertising to editorial for most trade magazines was 60 percent ads, 40 percent editorial. In order to make our magazines more helpful to readers, and therefore more valuable to advertisers, we decided to always devote at least 50 percent of our magazines to editorial content.

Our look

Rather than use the trade-magazine standard of “groundwood” paper (which looks gray, tears more easily and yellows more quickly) Fahy-Williams Publishing has always printed its magazines on “freesheet” paper, giving its periodicals a brighter, whiter, glossier look.

Our articles

Instead of filling space with generic articles written by professional writers, Fahy-Williams Publishing strives to make its content relevant and useful to its readers. We rely on input from business people from all aspects of the industries we serve, including manufacturers, retailers and reps.

Our ad rates

Many magazine publishers set very high advertising rates, and then negotiate huge discounts to advertisers on an individual basis. Fahy-Williams has always operated in precisely the opposite manner. We set our published rates as low as possible, and offer the same great price to all of our advertisers.


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